post mortem

it has been weeks since the Locos was together on the pitch hence, my post mortem is not due until today. but last night, at Triways Futsal the Locos has stroke fear and lots and lots of goal on their opponents. yeah, rains of goals. an intriguing result for a disassembled team, you might say. this time, it's SPOBA who was suffering for their lack of team effort. last night winning was definitely the game and result that the Locos has been searching for.

the game:
intense and fast flow. a very, very good team work has produced last night result unlike VL's previous matches. everybody has been working hard in achieving what they intended to, which is to win big. my opening goal of the match came very fast, i myself couldn't believed i scored that within 10 seconds from the start of the match. thanks to Alex's definitive through ball that i curled right beside the keeper's side. poor goalkeeping by him hahaha. Alex and Scott dominated the wing side of the pitch remarkably while Yan was very, very great with the ball on his feet within the opponent D's. Fakhrul (Yan's little cousin) produced a, by far the best attacking football with his control. he's young and he'll definitely will be invited again in the next game. Wan produced a superb display keeping the goal and more than 15 superb saves, better than De Gea of course.
the late cameo:
Syahir came late to seal the marvelous result with few good runs-in and great goals that effectively demoralised the opponents side. he scored few goals that proved how effective the VL's passing game was made last night. the SPOBA's were haunted by VL's attacking from every side and they surely had problem breathing with us closing-in their ball-possession which generally lasted no more than 3 minutes, everytime.
special appearance:
the Locos brings back the experienced defensive material in Amer Azlan from Borneo to add support to the defensive side of the team. and surprisingly, he did not fail. Amer managed to add two goals to his tally. great defensive effort by him. great team work and communication with the team proved this.
Amer lost his Blackberry, again. surely somebody has taken that phone, somewhere during the game.
overall performance:
everybody worked really well in accordance of this match's result. hope for an improved and greater football from VL in the near future.
until then, Selamat Hari Raya to all Locos and God bless.
The Manager.

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